Beginner‘s Guide to Precision Shooting: A Step Away to Becoming a Marksman

I suppose you will agree the idea that not everybody is blessed born as Marksman.  To master shooting requires a lot of wit, intelligence and discipline. Having these do not justify your being a Marksman, you need to master it. Here’s the Beginner’s Guide to Precision shooting to lead you to your dream of becoming a Marksman someday. This guide may help you in your training sessions.


Precision shooting is as important as choosing proper tactical gear, requires mental discipline; so, let us talk about the mental conditioning state. Let it be noted, that shooting requires 80% mental alertness as others would claim, shooting is the mind game. Mind must be conditioned by the rudiments of shooting which could start from reloading to loading of ammunition as well as the pulling of the triggers. Mind must be set on these fundamental mental activities in shooting a target. Next to this, is the so called physical conditioning?

In this sports, a person must be in good shape.  He must have healthy physique which can only be achieved by proper diet and exercise. The body that is unfit directly affects mental focus. Brain is distracted by the disturbances of unhealthy body. Once conditioning of the mind and body is achieved, learning the fundamentals of shooting techniques in this Beginner’s Guide to Precision Shooting is now desired.

These all begin in applying the General Position Rules.

Four general position rules which includes skeletal support, muscular relaxation, total body kinesthesis and natural point of aim. The idea of skeletal support simply illustrates the   idea of the three-legged stool. That beginner shooter should practice balance using the triad stance like feet shoulder wide apart while in shooting position.

Total bodily kinesthesis is to practice challenging all parts of the body to be functional and coordinating as well. Try to shoot something with your trigger finger dysfunction, can you hit the target?  Definitely no.

You may wonder shooters can even hit the target with their eyes close. This is the natural point aim principle that works. This is the process of aligning on the target after the other target. Most of the bulls-eye shooters apply the natural point of aim principle.

In some instance, shooters would recommend beginners to apply the pyramid concept. Imagine the pyramid; it has its weight at the centre, so shooters have to stand by putting the force of head, the feet, the navel and even the nose at the centre of the gravity.

Let us now go to the basics of precision shooting which all start from proper mounting, focusing and setting your scope to zero to your target range. Experts consider this as the foundation of precise shooting. But before putting the scope to zero try firing for at least five loads to estimate your most accurate load. Then proceed to the most challenging part, the constant manoeuvring of the trigger to educate your fingers. Make sure that you focus your target and hit it perfectly.

Try taking some deep breathe, while you focus your scope to the target, doing this repeatedly will eventually help you achieve mental focus in shooting. Record your shots and study the lapses per attempts. Following this simple Beginner’s Guide to Precision Shooting can hit your dream to become a Marksman.

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