Do You Need a Gun License For an Air Rifle

The rules and regulations governing ownership of riffles and guns depends on the state or nation in question. All countries require gun owners to obtain licenses for their guns. However, not many states restrict ownership of air rifles that work best for sport hunting. The following are some of the rules that you will expect to adhere to in certain countries.

You may not need a license to own or use an air riffle but you are better off knowing that the law does not but a distinction between air rifles and more powerful guns that need ownership licenses. This means that the police will respond when they notified of an air rifle being used illegally. An offence committed using the same rifle will be handled with the same severe penalty that other guns are dealt with. The important thing therefore is to know what is legally acceptable as will be discussed below.

Legal age to own a rifle

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The law stipulates that those using an air rifle should exercise some caution and take reasonable precautions to avoid any accidents. Any person above 18 years can buy an air rifle and ammunition. They can make use of the air rifle every time they have the permission to do so. Any person between the age of 14 and 17 years can borrow an air rifle for hunting, are cleared to use the rifle without supervision as long as it is within private premises, and are permitted by the owner. If you need to learn more about how to choose the best air rifle for your needs you can visit air rifle zone.

Where are you cleared to shoot using the rifle?

Any person using an air rifle must have the permission from the landowner or person with the stating rights knowledge as he or she understands the boundaries. Going on to private land or water is trespassing and illegal if done without permission. This is a serious criminal offence whether the rifle is loaded or not.

What about firing pellets beyond permitted boundaries?

Shooting pellets beyond the area you are permitted is an offence that can attract serious charges and penalties. This means that using an air riffle in a residential area is illegal as the chances of shooting into someone else’s garden is very high. More air rifle reviews are available at shooting & safety.

About using air rifles by a highway

This is never permitted and any person caught doing so will be in serious trouble. An offence is likely to occur when shooting pellets in gardens closes to the roads when it accidentally ricochets into the highway.

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What to shoot with an air rifle

Not all birds and wild mammals can be shot using an air rifle because of the protection they receive from the government. However, in certain special circumstance hunters are allowed to shoot animals and birds as long as they do it humanly. Sport hunting is allowed especially if it is done to protect the health of the public. Before you shoot at a bird or animal, make sure you can prove. This is something that most states want.

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