How to Mount a Trail Camera on a Tree

It is possible to create your own trail camera mount for trees for less than a dollar as opposed to purchasing expensive camera tree mounts from stores. What is more, all you need are a few items from your local hardware, which will not cost you more than a dollar. The trail needs to be disguised for trespassers not to have any access to it. Here is how to mount the trail camera of your choice on a tree.

trail camera

Start by getting the following measurements of screws and bolts.

  • ¼ inch x 2 1/16 inch eye screws
  • ¼ inch x 2 ½ inch eye bolts
  • 3/8 inch hex bolt
  • 3/8 flat washers
  • ¼ inch wing nut

With these items in hand, the next step is to assemble them in a simple steps format as follows.

  • Add 3/8 inch washer to the 3/8 hex bolt
  • Add ¼ inch x 2 1/16eye screw to 3/8 inch hex bolt
  • Add ¼ inch x 2 ½ inch eye bolt to 3/8 inch hex bolt
  • Add 3/8 inch washer to 3/8 inch hex bolt
  • Add 3/8 inch hex nut to 3/8 hex bolt
  • Add ¼-inch nut to ¼ inch x 2 ½-eye bolt.

By the time this is done you will have a screw in mount. Remember to use a 9/16 inch box wrench to snug 3/8 hex nut on to 3/8 hex bolt. It is important to check the tightness of the mount as over tightening it will interfere with its ability to articulate and hold the cameras weight. When you have installed on the tree you can go ahead and tighten it, as you desire.Trail Camera on a Tree

You should paint the camera mount with some flat paint, which will make it look like part of the is going to be easy to change the camera’s position if the mounts or trail camera used resemble the trees (like the Moultrie cams). You can increase the camouflage further by adding a cam bush, which makes it to remain hidden. The length of the eye screw to go for is a personal choice.

However, it is advisable to go for a shorter eye screw if the tripod mount of the camera is at the back. Longer eye screws will be best suited for cameras whose stand are at the bottom of the camera. The importance of getting the right length of eye screw is to make it easy to install the mount especially on harder tree species such as the oak and walnut. You might want to check trail camera reviews before buying.

You can also swap out the eye screw for another eyebolt, add a 4-foot garden stake, and use it on a stake that does not require screwing. The cost of this modification will be less than three dollars everything included. Paint it a light tan color and get yourself a great camera mount especially for cornfields. The advantage of stake apart from working excellently is the fact that you can set up two camera mounts and catch activity on both cameras.

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