Hunting Knife vs Pocket Knives?

Hunting knives and picket knives are both for outdoor use and can be used for survival, but there are noticeable differences between the 2. One may be better for a certain function and one might be better for another function. It all depends on where you are going to use it and what you will cut with it.

Hunting knives vs. pocket knives


Hunting knives

Hunting knives are mostly larger than pocket knives and the grip is built in a different way. Since it is also used for skinning animals, a very sharp blade is made for the hunting knife. Hunting knives are mostly made either with a foldable blade or a fixed blade. Hunters find it much better to use a fixed blade knife for hunting because it gives them a better control of the knife and blood or tissue do not get stuck inside.

They are much easier to clean than the knife with a foldable blade. They are better for slicing through shoulders of large animals such as elk and deer. Hunting knives also have curved tip which pocket knives don’t have. The hunting knife also has along and thicker blade compared to a pocket knife because they are mainly for cutting through animal skin. If you are looking for a knife which you can hunt with, this is the one for you.Hunting Knife

Pocket knives

Since it is a pocket knife, they are made with a foldable blade because they need to fit inside small spaces. They are not used for hunting because the blade is not made for slicing through animal skin and skinning them. The grip is not as heavy duty as what a hunting knife has because less sturdiness is required from them. Pocket knives are mainly used for immediate self-defense and for small cutting jobs like slicing a small fruit or a piece of meat. To learn more about pocket knives and how to choose the best pocket knife at you can read online reviews and articles to learn more.

They are also made with stainless steel like what some hunting knives have. The tip of the pocket knife is straight unlike what a hunting knife has. The blade of a pocket knife shorter and a little slimmer than what a hunting knife has. If you need a knife that is not for heavy duty slicing and mainly to just carry around in your pocket or small bag, this is the knife you need to get.

Depending on what you will need to use it for, both of them serve a totally different purpose. The hunting knife is more for heavy duty use while a pocket knife is only for small cutting jobs. A lot of brands sell both knives and since they both can usually be bought in one store, you will be able to compare them even better if you are able to touch them with your hands.

The better the blade, the easier it will be to use and sharpen. Also ask them if the blade will never rust because some manufacturers tend to use a lower quality blade if their price is also low. There are some knives which cost less, but have a very good quality.

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