What Kind of Boots Should You Choose For Hunting?

The boots that you choose for hunting are an extremely important part of your hunting gear.  Before you can figure out what boots you should use, you need to figure out what time of the year you’re going to be hunting and where you’re going to be hunting, as well as how you’re going to be hunting.  This will help you decide on several important factors for your boot choice.


Things You Should Know About the Season Boots


Early Season boots (late summer / early fall) will require you to pay attention to a couple things in particular.  Primarily since it will be hot you’re going to need to make sure that your boots breathe and since you’ll likely be doing a bit of moving in the warmer months you’re going to want to be What Kind of Boots Should You Choose For Hunting?comfortable.  The last thing you want is to be focused on your boots and miss the perfect opportunity to hit a target.  You want your boots to be as lightweight and breathable as possible, while still giving you more protection than wearing shoes would give you.  This becomes even more important when you’re hunting on the move, rather than from a sedentary concealed position.


If there is going to be rain or wet / damp conditions it’s important to make sure that the boots you choose utilize waterproofing technology. A squeaky sloshy Hunter is not going to be a successful Hunter.


In most situations for the early season you’re going to want to go as light as possible; however, if you’re going to be hunting in snake territory you should get some added puncture armor specifically designed for protecting against snake bites.


Mid Season Boots


When we move to the mid-season you’re going to want boots with a little more insulation to cover autumn weather conditions.  These boots will be heavier than lightweight summer boots, but will provide you more protection.  These boots can be considered the “moderate” boot because if you can only afford or are only interested in buying one type of hunting boot for all seasons you really should get midseason boots. You can check the best hunting boots at www.bootratings.com.


If you’re going to have a sedentary hunt in the early season when it’s more hot you can simply go with midseason boots because your feet will be warm in the cooler early morning and still won’t bake your feet off in the hot afternoon.  Also midseason boots will keep you insulated enough to not freeze your toes off in the late season, but might not be as comfortable as the heaviest late season options.  If you are going to use mid season boots for late season hunting you can simply get thicker hunting socks to stay warm, this will increase the versatility of the boot even further.


What Kind of Boots Should You Choose For Hunting?When the late season rolls around the temperatures will be cold and you might have snow to contend with.  Late season boots are the heaviest and most heavily insulated to keep you warm.  They’re designed for the coldest weather and the most sedentary of hunting.  If you need to do some spot-and-stalk hunting you might want to try a mid season boot and add some extra thick socks that way you get more mobility or you can choose lighter late season boots.  You don’t want to be on the move hunting with heavy boots, the heavier your feet are the more tired you will get and the more likely you are to spook the mark you’re hunting. If you have plantar fasciitis problem you might want to check www.yourcomfyfeet.com


If you’re going to be involved in a lot of active hunting, as opposed to sedentary you’re going to have to take a lot of other factors into consideration.  The kind of grip you need is going to be specific to the terrain you’re going to be involved with.  If you’re going to be dealing with hilly or mountainous hunting grounds it’s important that you get proper grip.  If you’re going to be walking a lot it will become more and more important that you do your research and make sure you buy a premium brand because you don’t want to wear out the boot or you’ll be back here looking for information again.


What Kind of Boots Should You Choose For Hunting?Hunting Boots You Can Get


At the end of the day making a hunting boot choice comes down to the season and the style of hunt.  If you’re going in warmer climates go with lighter boots, if you’re going to be more active go with lighter boots.  Make sure to consult with experienced Hunters to ask them their opinions on the best boot and do your research online to find the highest rated boots out there.


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